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This free Phoenix Plan can show you how to make a difference to the quality of your life - and you  don’t have to BUY anything!

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Welcome to phoenix-self-help-plan.download. My name is Ambrose Hardy and I have created this free online program to help anyone who wants to bring about positive changes in their existing lifestyle. The Phoenix Plan is totally free to use, no registration is asked for and there is nothing to buy. The Plan provides a method to achieve change - it does not tell you how to change. That’s for you to work out!  But read on...

I believe that in today's busy and sometimes confusing world, our personal lives can often become crowded with responsibilities and things and events that demand our time and attention. As a result, we can easily become stressed out and feel we are close to losing control  over our lifestyle.  We often experience a sense of frustration that we seem to have so little time left for ourselves. Many of us are unsure about how to handle or change this situation and we can't see it getting any better in the foreseeable future. Our thinking patterns often become negative and, as a consequence, our lifestyle can become boring, unrewarding and chaotic. We lose confidence in our own ability to turn things around and our sense of personal happiness suffers.

If this scenario has some meaning for you, it may be that this site can help you make life more rewarding. The site introduces a free self-help program called the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan. It provides you with a framework within which you can work to establish a personal plan which will assist you to get life back on track. The Phoenix Plan is set out in detailed fashion and requires you to make a full evaluation of your current lifestyle, work out a selection of appropriate self-development goals and targets and work over eight to ten weeks to effect the changes you want. Step by step guidance is given along the way and documentation is provided to assist you in recording your personal plan for life change.

I have devised the Phoenix Plan through my personal attempts, over many years, to take more control over the direction of my own life and to devise a means by which I could increase its quality and emotional comfort. After many fits and starts, the format of the Plan presented here  reflects the way forward which proved most valuable to me. It is my belief that the Phoenix  Self-Help Life Plan contained here will be a viable and effective self-help tool for many who wish to work for positive life change. As already mentioned, the Plan is totally free to use and no personal registrations are required.

Good luck in giving it a try in your own life.

    Ambrose Hardy

If life at the moment is causing you some distress and things at home, at work or in your personal life are just not working out the way you hoped they would, the Phoenix Plan can help you to do something about it…

Provided you are not suffering from a severe disorder which requires ongoing professional medical or psychiatric help, you CAN take your life from where you are now to where you want to be and it needn’t cost you a cent!

There are only two other conditions to this statement:

   one, you need to be realistic as to where and how you want to be…          and

   two, you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort..

If you can meet these conditions and you are willing to follow through on the  Phoenix Plan, YOU have the power to  bring about enormous positive changes in your lifestyle, enhance your levels of self-esteem and personal happiness and develop a rewarding sense of purpose in all that you do.

If this thought appeals to you, read on - for the Phoenix Plan will guide you step-by-step through a process to create a personal plan to get you where you want to be. This personal plan will be based on your chosen timeframe [ 4 to 8 weeks] and will be based on the goals and objectives which are important to you. You will not be asked to accept any outlandish beliefs or practices.

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Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan

is an online self life coaching program which can take you from where you are now to where you want to be

The Plan is provided as a free public service.

Please take the trouble to check it out. If it doesn’t fit your needs, that’s OK .

If you know someone you might gain benefit from it, please mention this web site.