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This free Phoenix Plan can show you how to make a difference to the quality of your life - and you  don’t have to BUY anything!

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You have come to this page as you are willing to have a go at trying out the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan in your own life.

Before beginning, just a few points:


The full detail of the Phoenix Self- Help Plan is set out in step by step fashion on our sister site at www.replanyourlife.co.uk. The link below will take you there. You will find yourself on the page entitled Your Lifestyle Evaluation. This is where you need to begin the important life assessment via the Questionnaire provided.

To complete the Lifestyle Evaluation exercise simply follow the instructions given on the replanyourlife.co.uk  web site. Then, to carry on working through the Phoenix Plan, stay on the replanyourlife.co.uk web site, where you will be given detailed instructions on how to proceed further.

Remember, you do not need to work through the Phoenix Plan exactly as set out. You can modify it to suit your style and circumstances.

Click HERE to go to replanyourlife.co.uk site

If you are not yet ready to commit to working through the full Phoenix Plan, why not download the free ebook Free Life Coaching… which provides a mini version of the Plan based on a four week program? You could try this out and - if it appeals to you - later go back to the full Phoenix Plan.

To find out more and to download the free ebook, click HERE

Two steps forward and one step backwards - when maintained - represents real positive movement for personal change.

It is only when you give up moving forward that you sink back to where you were..

The message is clear…

Don’t give up. Keep moving forward at the pace that suits you and you will eventually get where you want to be!